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At Virtualistant, we hire detail-oriented and skilled personnel after signing a contract with us for at least two years. Our executive assistants must qualify an extensive series of tasks carefully designed to assess their skill sets and proficiency. From a haystack of applicants, we will delegate only the most capable remote personal assistant ready to answer your call.

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Highly Engaging Virtual Assistants energize your social media interactions

The virtual assistants we provide are among the young and energetic professionals with a proper understanding of ongoing trends and social media algorithms. Leave your social media concerns to them and watch your online reputation soar the skies. Watch your brand image reach viral status with every post and engagement only with Virtualistant.
  • Social media audits

  • Social media strategy

  • Setting up social networking

  • Copywriting for social media content

  • Creating customized cover designs

  • Profile/Page optimization

  • Social media publishing/scheduling

  • SEO research for keywords

  • Branded visual/graphics creation

  • Social media management

  • Social media outreach

  • Social media ad campaigns

  • Split A/B testing

  • Analyzing results and insights

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Social media giveaways

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Social Media Marketing VA

Grow your brand online with Virtualistant. Let us create, upload, schedule, and share your content on social channels to proliferate your brand and help retrieve customer feedback in real-time. Setting up the business page, growing your follower base, and building engagement fall under a social media virtual assistant's responsibilities.
Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook, we cover them all! From designing interactive posts to managing your ads account, we can supercharge your brand identity while growing your community on Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What can I expect my social media virtual assistant to do?
A social media virtual assistant will do exactly what you expect from them. When you hire our premium services, our virtual staff will be in communications with you around the clock. Your hired virtual assistant will handle everything related to social media to further elevate the brand image of your page through constant updates and interactions with those who are interested. In general terms, you will get more than you expect.
2Do you work on specific social channels or do you cover all of them?
The platforms we cover are all listed on our main page. It is a wide field of expertise which our hired virtual staff will tackle as per your instructions. If there are any new platforms you would like our VAs to work on, simply allow them to learn and add it to their expertise. However we have the most popular platforms covered.
3How experienced are your social media virtual assistant?
Our remote staff receive months of training and are expected to have at least two years of experience before becoming a part of the team. You can expect the staff to have an experience of a professional since they are exactly that.
4How do I track if my VA is doing a good job managing my social media presence?
Apart from handling your presence on social media platforms, Our virtual assistants will be in constant communication with you, the client. Scheduled reporting is already enforced on all our virtual assistants. You are expected to receive reports and updates on the popularity and progress of your brand image whenever you wish.
5Can you engage with Facebook group and communities for our brand?
Our VAs will handle any and every aspect of engagement on Facebook to bolster the popularity of your facebook brand. Since Facebook is the most popular platform and most of the community interactions dictate the image of a brand, our main objective revolves around just that.


Turn the Likes and Follows Into
Leads with our Social Media VA

Allow us to transform your Facebook page from a distraction into a life-long asset with our social media virtual assistant. Our purpose will be to leverage our hands-on experience and knowledge in initiating your brand page by scheduling your Tweets to manage your paid ads. Let's not waste this feasible yet highly effective marketing opportunity any further. Allow us to help by connecting with your customers through social media.

Every social networking channel leverages certain content categories (Twitter for posts and Youtube for videos). Our social media personal assistants are capable of designing the content of variations applicable to separate platforms.
Let us design contents based on your clients' preferences for maximum engagement on social.

Why You Should Hire Us?

We prepare your social campaigning plan and execute every step with impeccability and diligence to make your brand stand out.

The extensively trained line-up of social virtual assistants at Virtualistant has the capacity and ability to tackle a long-range of platforms. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, our social VA will be prepared to elevate your brand's status and create elaborate content for all your social media sites. Hire us today to unlock the unlimited potential of having a social VA in your squad.