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1Getting Started With Virtualistant
Starting with Virtualistant is as simple as initiating or engaging conversation with your closest friends. All you have to do is just tell us where you are from and the services you wish to sign up for. Once you do, we will then share a contract paper that will require your signature before getting started. We expect to receive at least 50% of the payment before initiating any project and upon onboarding a new client. Of course, we are flexible with our pricing packages, so please, do not hesitate reaching out.
2What Services Do We Provide?
Our Virtual Assistants are remarkably efficient and knowledgeable regarding online assistant tools that are commonly used for finishing tasks or attaining any business goals. Flexible marketing plans in action for businesses of all scales and feasibility. To learn more about the services we are providing, click the following link - In general, our services extend from design and creative to full digital marketing combining development.
3Do You Get to Study and Strategize the Project Planning?
Absolutely! We use business project planning tools that are completely cloud-based making it easier for only selected users to analyze as well as bring in additions to their respective projects. We prepare interactive month-end reports using data from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights or any other social networking platforms you might be using to generate leads for your business. Our reporting structure clearly elaborates on every nuance detailing the existing status and expected growth of your company or service.
4Is Your Company Completely Remote?
Technically, not entirely. Most of our remote workers work from office, except a few highly delicate tasks that require independent contractors located offshore. Apart from that, for every executive dedicated to your projects alone will be monitored by a project manager to ensure optimal accuracy and impeccably executed at the same time.
5Frequency of Communication
Weekly 1 on 1 communication over MS Teams or Zoom to assist you go through weekly progress in a detailed manner. Furthermore, there's either Slack to instill faster and more efficient method of exchanging information for attaining goals faster. We also report our login and logoff periods on each working day.
6How Long Should My Contract be?
It's not possible to understand any new business overnight, which is why we don't expect you to fire us immediately on the next day. To experience actual results, the contract period must be valid for at least 90 days if you're willing to allow more time for the better results. In case you're looking for fast results then consider investing in paid campaigns.
7What is Included Every Month?
To answer this question we need to ensure what line of business you're in first. But in general our monthly package includes - Four blog posts and four illustrations, eight social media posts, including automatic email flow through Klaviyo.
8When Will I Begin to See Results?
With some massive changes in the algorithm your desired output will take sometime, at least three months. Most importantly, generating trust from your target audiences is heavily time-consuming that we will tirelessly work around the clock to ensure. We are not going to give you empty promises just like other VA companies out there.


For Any Questions Left Unanswered.

In case we missed answering any questions apart from the above ten frequently asked questions about Virtualistant, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear you out and come to a mutual understanding for growth.

Virtualistant maintains complete transparency in workflow, and we are also accountable for every decision or strategy adopted on your behalf. We are always available to answer any question(s) that you might have regarding our process.