Looking for VAs to send emails on your behalf?

Email list building with dedicated chat support to bring in new prospects on your store and guiding them to sales.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1Are You Ready to Initiate Email Marketing Campaigns
The whole process of email management and marketing campaigns will be handled exclusively and solely by our veteran remote staff. All you need to do is reach out to us. Tell us your requirements and see our VAs take over and steer your marketing campaigns to profitable turns.
2Will the virtual assistants handle and maintain customer engagement?
Virtual assistants will tackle all sides of email marketing management, and this includes customer engagement. The main goal virtual assistants are tasked with is lead generation, and they are trained extensively to create customer engagement through emails and gather reliable solid leads for your business.
3Can virtual assistants handle spam?
When you hire a virtual assistant to oversee your email marketing campaign, you can rest assured that they will take care of everything from handling spam mail all the way to managing mail categories. Our virtual assistants aim to provide you comprehensive support for email management, and there will be nothing left to worry about, even if it is spam.
4Are virtual assistants able to generate reliable leads through email marketing?
Lead generation is the primary goal of all email marketing campaigns, and our virtual assistants can handle this task with patience and finesse. Experts assigned with these jobs have a step by step process that helps with the reliable lead generation with the highest expected conversion rate.
5Are virtual assistants reliable when it comes to email structuring?
Virtual assistants are trained experts with years of experience, and they will create the mail structure exclusively for the campaign. With the use of well-researched keywords and knowledge of the target audience, our virtual assistants will create and structure the emails to gather solid leads.

Additional Supporting Services

It's also our guarantee to deliver you clean email lists after checking for possibility of spam traps, disposable email address and domain address prior to handing over them to you.

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& Deliverability

Besides creating email servers as well as sending emails, we ensure that every campaign is well optimized first so every email reaches your customer's inbox. Naturally, when emails land on the inbox the chances of opening them by prospects improve significantly, therefore, resulting in greater exposure.

Our specialists will monitor your campaigns by checking for domain authority, performance, click through rate, time, place, and the duration spent while reading every email. Furthermore, we will analyze and compare your campaign against your competitors by checking through the analytics as well as statistics.

Are You Ready To Initiate Email Marketing Campaigns?

Our virtual assistants will guide you throughout the rest of the process. All you have to do is just reach out.