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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1Why You Should Hire Us?
Experienced data entry virtual assistants – Our VAs have worked with diverse industries Flexible subscription plans with low hourly rate No contractual obligation – Hire a data entry virtual assistant as per your requirements 100% confidentiality Money-back guarantee – We will refund you if you are not satisfied Dedicated customer success manager to ensure productivity No limit on the number of tasks – You can assign as many tasks you want, depending on the time needed to complete those tasks
2How can I be sure that all information, data etc will be safe will not be used elsewhere?
Our data transfers are safely encrypted for optimum protection. Our clients’ data will remain in anonymity if needed. There are no third parties involved in the entire process. The data stays safe between our clients and us. You can rest assured that your data will not be reused anywhere else.
3How do I send my files for data entry work?
All data and info transfers will be done through google drive or emails. We use google drive as our base of information sharing mainly due to its compatibility and popularity. Our data transfers will be protected through encryption at all times.
4Can I get a trial of your Data Entry outsourcing services?
For the skeptical and curious clients alike, Virtualistant is willing to offer a seven-day work trial. We strongly believe that this time will be enough for any client to have their minds made up about the promise of our services.
5What is your turnaround time for data entry services?
The turnaround time for any job completion depends directly on the nature of the job itself. It is a known fact that bigger tasks take a longer time. We have a well-maintained deadline for every task and we make sure the task is completed as soon as possible and submitted much before the deadline.

Data Entry Virtual Assistants

Hiring an online assistant or VA for solving all your data entering tasks could significantly boost your productivity while leaving more time in your schedule for making important decisions for your business.
Virtualistant can personalize a proper plan depending on your budget, so reach out to us and tell us more about your requirements today.
Managing and organizing Google Drive folders, updating information on Spreadsheets, and verifying contact information through search while maintaining confidentiality by signing an NDA before project initiation.
To ensure information accuracy, our team has dedicated QC managers working around the clock. Delivering accurate output is our underlying motive for ensuring client satisfaction, always.

Job Responsibilities of a
Data Entry VA

As data entry operators, our purpose is to sort, compile, organize, and segregate all your crucial business leads, which will undoubtedly help your business attain efficiency in the long run. Allow us to manage your Dropbox, Google Drive, Spreadsheets, Docs, and even transcriptions if available.

Additionally, verifying the existing lead lists is crucial to prevent you from wasting time on past or obsolete information. We scour all over the web, including social media profiles, for updating or enriching data with the help from our expert data entry Virtualistants.

Why You Should Hire Us?

As a dedicated team that focuses primarily on the accuracy of work until 100% client satisfaction! First, let us solve your business challenges by assigning you a highly efficient and reliable data entry virtual assistant today.