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At Virtualistant, we hire detail-oriented and skilled personnel after signing a contract with us for at least two years. Our executive assistants must qualify an extensive series of tasks carefully designed to assess their skill sets and proficiency. From a haystack of applicants, we will delegate only the most capable remote personal assistant ready to answer your call.

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Industries We Work With

1Real Estate
  • Managing, posting and maintaining MLS listings
  • Coordinating dialogues with agents and providing updates to keep you up to speed
  • Conducting searches for the best possible agents
  • Gathering and submitting documentations among agents and clients
  • Preparing escrows and deeds
  • Negotiating and making decisions according to clients
  • Overseeing and following up on repairs
2Medical & Instrument
  • Maintaining and managing detailed CRM for patients
  • Following up on appointments
  • Communicating updates to clients and medical staff
  • Online Pharmaceutical Counseling
  • Reviewing prescriptions for customers
  • CoVID-19 contact tracing and updating
  • 24 hour the clock customer support
  • Online software customer support for clients with special inquiries
  • Remote assisted tech support for troubleshooting
  • Remotely managing and maintaining IT network infrastructure for businesses
  • Technical service representatives
  • Prepare and send out routine newsletters
  • Send out requested information to clients
  • Creating, editing, and updating lists on web directories
  • Generating leads through email scrapping
  • Verifying and validating items on web listings
  • Providing support for customers’ inquiries
  • Online store experts handling every aspect of e-Commerce
  • Prepare and send out e-mail newsletters
5Clothing & Fashion
  • Cataloging and sorting listings on online marketplaces
  • Online advisor for trending fashion
  • Innovating and popularizing new trends through extensive promotion
  • Advising and counseling on talents and training
  • Image consultants and product image editors
6Solar Energy
  • Communicating and verifying appointments for customers and clients
  • Lead generation and appointment setting experts for solar firms
  • Collecting and sharing solar certificates and documents from the government to the clients and customers
  • Advising customers and potential customers on the benefits of solar power
  • Consulting customers on the technical sides of installing solar panels

Back Office Assistants for Streamlining Processes

Back office workers will make sure that your entire business operation remain active and to the point. Thanks to the recent advancement in technology that enables us to work from any part of the world.

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Every virtual assistant's specialties are consistently trained to handle new tools emerging every day. Their contribution to your cause will bring about an unprecedented level of efficiency in your overall workforce.

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Our virtual assistant for back-office jobs have been trained to perform with maximum efficiency and diligence.