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Launching your Brand or Product on Amazon can be quite challenging for a new and aspiring eCommerce owner. There's a lot to be done and doing it alone can be overwhelming. You can rely on our specialized Virtual Assistants to do everything from setting up your store, sourcing to managing, and finally calculating profitability of each product before finally uploading on your eBay and/or Amazon store!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1How much does it cost to hire Amazon VA?
There is no fixed cost for hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant. The cost will vary based on your requirements and the services they provide you.
2What kind of business activities can Amazon VAs handle?
Amazon VA is responsible for handling your day-to-day e-commerce business activities including Store Creation, Product Listing & Optimization, Market Research, Keyword Research, Data Entry, Product Sourcing, Order & Inventory Management, Amazon PPC Campaign and many more. By hiring Amazon VAs you will get the much-needed support to take your business to the next level.
3What does an Amazon eCommerce Manager need to get started?
Our eCom Managers have been trained to build and optimize your store as well as provide customer support. VAs provide you with past experience working on ecommerce platforms and Amazon Business. This means you won't have much trouble onboarding them. You'll just have to introduce them to your business model and operations, and discuss the challenges you are facing with Amazon business. You're recommended to share your goals and objectives with them. You can share all of this through a PPT or an orientation document for ease.
4 How to Add a User to Amazon Seller Central?
Follow the steps below to add a user to the Amazon Seller Central: i. Login to the Amazon Seller Central ii. Go to Settings -> User Permissions iii. Send the Invitation iv. You'll receive a confirmation code using which you can create the Amazon Seller Central account v. Amazon Seller Central account is ready for your Amazon expert to take over start working
5How to ensure maximum returns by hiring Amazon VAs?
In order to get the maximum benefit by hiring Amazon VAs from us, you first need to have clarity regarding your business requirements and your expectations. You also need to figure out the business activities for which you need assistance and want to hire the Amazon expert. Having clarity on these things will help you reap the maximum benefit from our Amazon Virtual Assistant services.
6What does Amazon SEO stand for?
Amazon SEO is the process of Amazon product listing optimization that ensures your products rank on page 1 and there is an increase in conversions and product sales. It is driven by the use of relevant and high-volume search terms in content on your Amazon products pages.
7How can I improve my Amazon keywords?
Our Amazon product listing optimization experts focus on putting as many keywords as possible in the backend keywords field, this includes longtail and generic keywords. Other keywords are placed within the product description, title, and bullet points. The product listing optimization experts at eCommScience ensure that all optimizable components on your Amazon product pages are optimized.
8Why do I need Amazon Product Listing Optimization?
Your products are competing with similar products being sold by other vendors. With our Amazon product listing optimization services, you will ensure that your products appear at the top of Amazon Marketplace’s search results when a customer searches for the kind of products and services sold by you.
9What are backend keywords in Amazon?
Amazon backend keywords are essentially hidden search terms that should be added to backend search fields in Amazon Seller Central. This ensures the product is more discoverable. When a user visits the product listing page, these keywords remain hidden, but these keywords are important from the ranking perspective and our product listing optimization experts maximize the use of backend keywords to boost product listing visibility.
10 What is the SEO listing process on Amazon?
Amazon SEO optimization process focuses on optimizing all product content that you can publish on the product pages. Our Amazon listing specialists will undertake keyword research to identify all the search terms relevant to a particular product. Our Amazon product listing copywriter will then ensure that these keywords are strategically placed in product content.
11How do I optimize my Amazon PPC?
Our Amazon SEO optimization expertise also includes Amazon PPC (also known as Sponsored Products). The PPC experts at eCommScience ensure that your campaign has structural consistency, and optimize your listing in such a way that Amazon PPC ads will be shown for all relevant search queries. The focus is on using a mix of broad, phrase and exact keywords for your sponsored products. Also, our experts make good use of negative keywords to ensure your PPC ad will not show up for these negative keywords. So, what you are getting is only good publicity and not negative publicity.