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the story
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Growing up in a highly conservative family where holding a proper desk job is the norm, Lucas, then 23, decided to travel the world right after completing college. Traveling itself does not come for free, and that's why we decided to invest in portable laptops and a mobile hotspot to remain connected online while on the go. When traveling becomes the sole motivation of your living, then you're bound to outwork anybody everytime! With time, as our clients began thriving and so we decided to expand our remote working agency by connecting with like-minded talents across the globe. Irrespective of the distance between us, our virtual assistants still manage to meet in person altogether, at least once a year.

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One of the underlying challenges in remote working is the lack of accountability, so Virtualistant's goal is to breakthrough to this challenge and establish the agency that you always strived to build. Our virtual assistants are connected from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and even USA, for agencies willing to hire native online assistants only. Global networking through our representatives residing in Denver, Colorado and Brisbane in Australia, the same legal regulations apply between us and whoever decides to work with our remote working team. Presently working alongside twenty three agencies and small businesses operating either independently or as stores with outstanding reviews from customers.

Growing as a team of highly efficient virtual assistants is no longer a theory but a mere possibility today, thanks to the internet.

Our Vision

Virtualistant aims at becoming one of the most prolific agencies to work with, and our sole vision is in establishing ourselves as a reliable and the only go-to outsourcing company. Additionally, Virtualistant's vision is to - improve employee output, reduce carbon emission by vehicles, prepare a better work-life balance, employment opportunities for the disabled, veterans, work-from-home mothers, and even students in financial crisis. Our dedicated efforts will help every telecommuter to reach their optimal potential; furthermore, companies that have made it possible to work remotely today, our vision is to facilitate opportunities for manifesting innovation.

Sense of Values -

We strongly believe in the power of maintaining transparency with each of our clients that automatically helps them realize the progress of their business. Moreover, our mission is to work alongside policy makers for designing tax incentives for anybody who decide to work with Virtualistant.

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